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Why every small business must read this!

Whenever people are venturing into a new business, they give a thought to everything right from stationary expenses to major disbursals for their raw material. However, if you’ve noticed, people never even consider setting aside a part of their budget for installing telephone systems. In today’s times, the importance of communication cannot be underrated. It’s one of the most vital aspects of keeping a business healthy and strong.

The presence of strong technology has enabled even small businesses to flourish due to availability of easy communication channels. All you need today to communicate with people is an internet connection and a few phone systems for small business. Once you open channels of communication for your customers, they will find it better to do business with you. All customers need is someone to listen to them in case of grievances or suggestions. What companies generally do is provide a feedback form on their websites. However, filling a feedback form seems as good as talking to a wall to the customers!

Small business firms can get a simple office phone at cheap costs. There won’t be any need to take special connections from your phone service provider. You can contact a VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) service provider to install VoIP business phone system at your office. Using VoIP, calling becomes extremely reasonable. Even international calls cost a few cents, which is definitely cheaper than the local call rates levied by your local phone provider. Also, the kind of facilities you can enjoy at such reduced costs serves as an icing on the cake. Here are some of the most beneficial features:

* Simple interface: You can call a technician from your VoIP service provider for a demo. He will install a simple interface and instruct you how to use its different functionalities. The interface is really simple to operate and is designed in a very neat manner.

* Automated response system: The phones can be fed with an automatic response system. Till the time your phone is busy, the automated voice can inform the caller about your latest offerings, new developments in the company and even thank them for choosing your company as their first preference. It’s always good to keep the callers entertained while your phone operators are busy.

* Call forwarding/barring: You can avail call forwarding and barring facilities. When one of your employees is busy, the call can be diverted to the immediate next employee who’s free. Call barring facilities allows one to cut calls even without picking, just by looking at the caller’s number that flashes on the screen.

Calls can also be monitored to see if the employees are not making any personal calls! Just as a tip, you can buy an avaya phone, as it supports multiple functionalities.

Command Business communication is Australia’s Leading provider Office Telephone Systems and Business Phones.

Mending Shoes (free to download)
small business
Image by FotoGrazio
A cobbler in Davao City, Philippines poses for an informal street portrait while mending a pink shoe in his streetside shop.

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