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Small Business Clubs: Is it Time to Join One?

A small business is defined as the one in which number of employees are small. The initial investment required for the starting of small business is less. The output and profit earned by the business is also small. Usually, the expansion of such businesses is restricted due to its less profit earned and low marketing. Lack of business ideas and financing also hinders the growth of the small businesses

In order to help the small businesses grow and increase its potential, the business owner forms a group that aids each other in the business activities. Such a group is called a Small Business Club. A small business club is a non-profit organization. A small business club comprises of all the small business owners and may include some employees holding higher authority.

The purpose of the small business clubs is to provide each of its members with a platform where they can speak out the problems they are facing. The other members provide innovative solutions to their problems. The small business club also provides new business plans for better productivity. The small business clubs also provide funding for business owners who are in urgent need for money. Small business clubs also provide a stage for finding the right person for a joint partnership venture. Partnership helps in increasing the efficiency of working and is financially stronger than proprietary firms with a larger group of customers available.

Majority of the countries have small business clubs. Many of them are large business clubs, but have a separate or integrated forum for small business owners. The list of small business clubs are as follows

The Small Business Club

The Small business club is a UK based club. They have their city venues at Edinburgh, Glasgow and Napier. The regional venues of the small business club are at Central Scotland, Dundee, East Renfrewshire, and Fife, North and South Lanark shire and West Lothian. They organize pre decided meetings at the above mentioned venues from 12:00 noon to 2:00 PM with all the members. They provide entry for certain visitors in their meetings. The purpose of the meeting is to provide tips for business development and financial assistance. The members discuss and give advices on recruitment, insurance, staffing and legal matters.

Starting A Business Club

This is an online small business club. The objective is to provide business tips for business start up world wide, with advices from experts in the field. The forums in the site contain discussions regarding various issues in starting a small business. Blogs are added by experts giving tips on recruitment, loans and networking. Brainstorming activities are also present in this online small business club.

The Thames Gateway Business Club

This UK based club is supported by the Enterprise Agency of North Kent. This small business club is primarily established to provide advices regarding networking, development, advertising, computer technology etc for start up and established small businesses. The club prints a newsletter named The Gatepost with articles based on the above mentioned topics.

James Copper is a writer for

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How To Find About Small Business Grants

Poor financing is noted to be one of the reasons for failure in small businesses and also when it not managed properly.

It is paramount to have sufficient funding in order to see success in any small business and the availability of small business grants have proved to be the right answer for this problem.

If you as the business owner have the necessary knowledge about finding and properly applying for the small business grant then you should be having the most successful business that gains excellent profits.

Business Grants

The US Government offers more than 300 different grants for small business owners to just start their business. These grants usually range between $ 25,000 to nearly $ 1,000,000 and they depend on the projected success and growth rate of your business.

There are several business grants available for your small business to develop and expand your business. These grants should not be misunderstood over loans as they are not to be repaid. They are also considered as free money and also as investments to promote a successful business and a successful US economy.

The money for the grants is normally derived from income taxes. In order to obtain a small business grant will also not require your credit checks or deposits although you have bad credit or have bankruptcy.

Finding Small Business Grants

There are tons of helpful website that provide small business US government grant packages free of cost even without the shipping cost. These grant packages basically include information on how you can find, prepare and apply for small business grants.

Some of the providers in business grants include government funding solutions, Grant Wizard and Grant Master. Apart from this it is also important to know the rules of Small Business Administration (SBA) to receive the grants before starting the process in obtaining one. Even though the SBA does not offer small business grants the however provide helpful information and resources for finding small business grants.

Small Business Grant Information Resource

In order to qualify for the small business grant you as the business owner should first become familiar all the documents which lists all the requirements to become eligible for the small business grant. These documents include all the information about the post award and pre award periods and it also defines all the aspects of applying for the grant and state that is eligible.

The document is the primary and the most important source for the rules and regulations for small business grants. They are a must read before you start the process of business grants. After you have met the requirements for the grant you should write an appropriate small business grant requirement. There are several professional who would help you in writing the business grant proposal.

There is also the Federal Domestic Assistance which can prove to be helpful with several links to resources and information about small business federal grants or you can also visit the official website of US government where there is complete and accurate information about small business grants.

John Goldman is one of the foremost advisors in matters relating to Government Grants and Financial Aid. To learn more about government grants and how to apply for them visit the Government Grant USA website

Small Business Administration Awards Luncheon
small business
Image by MDGovpics
Small Business Administration Awards Luncheon. by Jay Baker at Baltimore, Maryland


Are You Opening A Small Business For Erroneous Reasons?

So you’re thinking about opening a small business. Why?

Many people consider opening a small business for all the wrong reasons. Then they are surprised to learn that their own small business doesn’t provide what they wanted.

If your reason is one of the following erroneous ones, think again before proceeding with opening a small business.

Opening A Small Business: Erroneous Reason 1 – You Want To Quit Your Job

Not liking your job is not a good reason for opening a small business. It’s much easier and less expensive to just find another job more to your liking.

There will be parts of operating your business that you may hate. However, most small business owners have to perform those jobs because they can’t afford to hire them done. Even if you can, you still have to do each job enough to know how to supervise your employees who do them.

You need a better reason for opening a small business than hating your present job.

Opening A Small Business: Erroneous Reason 2 – You Don’t Want Anyone Bossing You

You’ll have people bossing you even in your own business.

The people that loan you money will demand certain procedures to assure return on investment. Your clients or customers will require specific accommodations or quit doing business with you. You personnel will want considerations.

So if it’s complete autonomy that you’re wanting, you should consider a hobby rather than a business.

Opening A Small Business: Bad Reason 3 – You Want More Free Time

Forget it! To build a successful business, you have to work far more hours than you do to earn a salary from a job.

Unless you are prepared to give 50 to 60 hours per week to your business, you’re wasting your time opening a small business.

Opening A Small Business: Bad Reason 4 – You Want To Make More Money

Your business is not going to start providing you money immediately. Rather it is going to eat up everything you’ve got for a long time before you can start taking money out of it for personal income.

To build a business, you have to put everything the business makes back into the business for at least the first few years. So you need to expect less personal income through those years.

So if you have an immediate need to make more money, get a second job instead of opening a small business.

Opening A Small Business: Bad Reason 5 – You Have A Good Idea For A Product

Having a good idea for a product is not reason enough for opening a small business. You have to know that there is a market for the product already established. Having to take time to educate people about their need for a product can take more time than your business can survive without sales.

There has to be an unmet need for your product and potential customers willing to pay you a profitable price for it. Then you need some assurance that a competitor won’t copy your idea and get your potential customers.

You need more than just a good product to justify opening a small business

Opening A Small Business: Erroneous Reason 6 – Grandma Left You Money

Why do you think that opening a small business is the best investment for your money?

You can invest your funds in the stock market and have better odds of getting a good return than you can by opening your own business. For one thing, the businesses in the stock market are operated by people with far more business experience than you probably have.

Having some money to invest is not a good enough reason for opening a small business

Opening A Small Business: Erroneous Reason 7 – People Tell You That It’s Easy

Don’t believe everything you read and hear. Many people will tell you that opening a small business and making it successful is easy, but most of them are just wanting to make money off you. Running a successful business is lots of work. Anyone who tells you differently is telling you a lie.

People lie about how hard it is to start and build a strong, successful business because they have something to gain by it. Usually they have products or services that they want to sell you and that you will be willing to buy once you figure out how hard business is.

If you aren’t willing to work hard on your business, don’t bother even starting it


If you are considering opening a small business for one of these wrong reasons, be smart and don’t.

But there are good reasons for opening a small business. One is that you have a product or service that is needed and wanted by a target market whose members will pay you a fair price for it. But even then, you have to know how to market effectively to them.

To learn more about Marketing Your Small Business, get my free get my free DVD. To discover the secret to selecting the right target market for your business, see Market Segmentation

Small Business Administration Awards Luncheon
small business
Image by MDGovpics
Small Business Administration Awards Luncheon. by Jay Baker at Baltimore, Maryland


Small Business Grants: What You Need to Know

Small business is categorized by its small capital, productivity, manpower and profit. Some of the small business start ups are self financed. But most of them are financed by borrowing of money. In order to prevent higher down payment of interest to banks, the Government of many countries provide the small business grant. The small business grant helps the entrepreneur to receive the principle amount without having to worry about the future repayment of it.

The small business grants help in boosting the growth of small firms since the financial aid received from is a stable and reliable source. Small business grants are mostly obtained from the national Government or from the state or local authorities. Some industrial organizations or established corporations also provide such grants but are not always desirable.

Small business grants provide limited funding. The funding is targeted in specific areas. The main area is principal amount where capital investment is very low or unavailable. Small business grants are also provided for business related to farming, fishery or husbandry. The small business grant is targeted towards funding for hiring of manpower or for purchasing of new machinery and other equipments. If a separate building is required then the small business grant is directed towards purchasing of the land and constructing of the required structure. For more established businesses, the small business grants provide financing for research and development and improvement of technology. Furthermore, small business grants are provided for small businesses with foreign exports to enhance international trade.

In order to avail the small business grant, a well drafted business plan is submitted to the Government or authority providing the grant. Usually the loan provider is the Small Business Administration. The borrower should clearly mention the areas where the grant money will be invested. It is expected that 50-85% of the grant money should be invested into the business. The small business grant is approved subjected to guarantee. Upon approval, the credit analysis is done and the final report is submitted to the business lender. The lender directly disburses the amount to the small business owner. The loan repayment is done on monthly installment basis to the business lender.

In the US, obtaining a small business grant for start up businesses is rare. It is provided only for selected category of businesses, especially those into higher technology. It is a time consuming procedure for the companies to obtain the small business grants. Hence such start up companies approach major corporations that provide the small business grants.

In UK, obtaining small business grants is relatively easier. The best source for small business grant in UK is the Princes Youth Business trust. They provide entrepreneurs aged 18-30 years with grants of £1500-£5000. For start up businesses, the trust provides £250 for marketing and research work. In order to qualify for the small business grant, the individual should prove the non availability of capital and ensure that no other organization has provided the required funding. Also the trust should be satisfied with the business plan that has been submitted by the business owner.

James Copper is a writer for

Small Business Administration Awards Luncheon
small business
Image by MDGovpics
Small Business Administration Awards Luncheon. by Jay Baker at Baltimore, Maryland

A small Business can be a success, a small business doesn’t have to stay small. Africa like many places is full of small businesses and struggling entrepreneurs, from small shop owners to street vendors. Vusi challenges the African business community as a whole to help grow these entrepreneurs as most businesses need capital and other forms of support from the more well established businesses and for bankers to play their part. As a continent Africa can become an economic giant of the world.

Known as a “Rock star of public speaking” Vusi is the only speaker globally to have been invited to the Dragon’s Den as an investor. This is because he has built several businesses. Today, as Chairman of Watermark Afrika Fund he is spearheading a pan-African process of raising the largest Growth Fund of high growth, high potential entrepreneurs in Africa.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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Top 5 Reasons to Start a Small Business Franchise

If you’ve ever considered starting your own business, perhaps you’ve considered the pros and cons and found yourself feeling a bit overwhelmed by the prospect of creating a successful business from scratch. With many business ventures requiring a pretty hefty investment, it can be a tough decision to really go for it and start the small business you’ve always wanted, but many of the cons of a traditional business can be tackled by choosing a small business franchise that suits your taste. With the hard work of market analysis and crafting a strong business plan and the proven success shown by companies that choose to franchise, a small business franchise can offer you the freedom of a small business with much less risk than starting your own business from scratch. If you’re still on the fence, consider the following Top 5 Reasons To Start A Small Business Franchise.

Work from Home

With many small business franchises conducting business through the internet and through house calls, you’ll be able to work from home in a variety of businesses that would have previously required commercial office space. Being able to work at home not only frees you up to work when and however long you want to, but also saves plenty of money on commuting costs, office space leasing and commercial storefronts. You can take the money you would have spent on setting up a retail space and pour it back into your business every month, giving your business some extra momentum and ensuring much more profit for you and your partners. Unlike many home business opportunities that rely on supplying you with products that you direct-market to consumers, a small business franchise is a real business in fields ranging from computer services to education to travel and everything in between.

Be your own boss

Most people have had that recurring daydream of being the boss and with a small business franchise you’ll not only be the boss but you’ll also control the direction and momentum of the entire business. franchise opportunities provide you the potential franchisee with a pre-made business that’s ready to go, give you any essential training to prepare you to run the franchise and then set you loose to get your business going and make plenty of money. While there are certain guidelines setup by the franchisor, you’ll experience a lot of freedom in your franchise as you outline your marketing strategy, hire your staff and begin making the important decisions that will help your business succeed. Even if you’ve never run a company before and are a little apprehensive about taking the reigns, the franchisor will give expert training in the specific field and in many cases will offer management training to new franchisees, giving you the training you need to lead your business effectively and efficiently.

Do what you love

For many people, a job is just a job, but with a small business, you have the opportunity to choose the precise business you want to own and run with it. In the corporate world, it’s easy to get stuck in a job where you have no passion for your work and to find yourself simply coming to work every day for the paycheck. While the pay is an important aspect of a job, doing what you love and having passion for your work is often what takes someone from viewing their work as a job to seeing it as a career. There are hundreds of small business opportunities in nearly every field and niche-market, so if you’re ready to dive in and start your own business, there’s bound to be a small business franchise that fits you to a tee.

Set your own schedule

Whether you’re a stay at home mom, someone looking for a second job or simply someone who doesn’t want to conform to the 9-5, Mon-Fri work week, you’ll benefit greatly from the flexibility that comes along with owning your own small business. Most small business franchise opportunities are either run from the home or appointment based so you’ll be able to set your schedule week-to-week and also decide which days to work and how may hours in a week you want to put into your new business. The more time you put into your business, the better chance you have to succeed financially, but many small business franchises can also be done on a part time basis as a second job or as a job for a student or primary caregiver, allowing you to work as little or as much as your schedule allows.

Meet your financial goals

The main reason most for-profit businesses exist is to make money, and with a small business franchise you’ll be in a great position to generate sizeable profits even within the first year. Because all of the hard work of market analysis and testing has been done by the franchisor, when you purchase a franchise business you’ll know that plenty of people have already tried and tested the proposed business model and have had success. Unlike many other business opportunities, a small business franchise can be a stand alone business and many times can be run by just one or two people but with the majority of small business franchises you can expand as your business grows by adding more units or locations and instantly increase your profit potential. Franchise businesses also have been shown to recoup the initial investment and begin to make profit much faster than a small business startup, which will put you in a position to make more money faster and grow your business at an exponentially higher rate.

Green Mango Vendor (free to download read below)
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Small Business Success – How to avoid the 5 biggest traps that all new entrepreneurs fall into. A deep exploration of the psychology of bootstrapping a business.

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Small Business Strategy: Four Crucial Keys For Success

The cornerstone of your small business strategy is effective marketing.

If I was able to give you only a single tip it’d be this: concentrate at least as much on your marketing as you do on your “real” business.

If thriving in business is important to you, then there is no alternative but to take small business marketing very seriously indeed, and to educate yourself to become very, very good at it. Frankly, the level of marketing expertise I see from most small business owners is embarrassing.

The furthest most of them go is to have some fuzzy notion about the need for more business, and then to leave the rest to chance, hoping, wishing and even praying for punters to walk through the door or hit their website and buy something from them. But hope is an atrocious strategy for success.

But, as I say often: marketing is the most important thing you can do in your business. Because no marketing means no clients; no clients means no profit … and no money coming in means you rapidly have no business left!

In this artice I want to banish the myths about your marketing. You must understand these ARE myths if you want to make your marketing highly profitable.

Small business strategy idea # 1: Marketing makes money

Most small businesses work with a marketing budget. That’s mistake No. 1, and a very dangerous small business strategy. Yes, you read that correctly: I am saying you should be willing (and even eager) to put in an unlimited sum of money in your marketing.

Here’s why: marketing is designed to make money. If it doesn’t, you shouldn’t be doing it. So, if it makes money, then from that it follows for every pound you put in, you get more than a pound back, right?

That’s your return on investment. Most small business strategy is restricted by an unscientific “marketing budget”. But why? If you’re marketing properly, then you should be getting an expected positive ROI from everything you do. So … why would you limit your marketing according to some number a bean counter has pulled out of his butt? Bottom line: when your marketing is making money like this, and it’s measurable, trackable and predictable, be prepared to plough back as much as you have into it.

Small business strategy tip # 2: Print your own money!

OK, now let’s imagine you have this amazing marketing system and you know from experience there’s a 90 % probability every time you run it you’re going to make a handsome profit. A nice place to be, right?

Right. (it’s eminently practical for your business, too).

My question is this, and it refers back to the point earlier: given you have a system reliably and regularly pumping out more money than you’re putting into it, why on Earth would you want to limit your commitment to an unscientific budget? Undoubtedly, you wouldn’t.

Nope. If you had any sense at all you ‘d keep pushing that button like a rat with an electrode in its head pumping in the shots of “happy juice”

This is exactly what comes about when you have a legitimate small business strategy and a tried, tested, and proven marketing system.

Appears to good to be true, but I swear to you by all that’s good and holy, it is true.

Small business strategy idea # 3: Dip your toes in first

There is one thing to be wary of: never invest more than you can stand to lose. Once in a while — it happens — external events conspire to obliterate your campaign with no forewarning. That’s why you limit your liability per run of your campaign.

The safe thing to do is decide your evil “budget” as a fraction of profits, so the more you bring in, the more money you can plough back into your marketing.

I have had supposedly intelligent business owners tell me they couldn’t afford to re-run a productive marketing campaign that was making them money … because their “budget” was all out.

Chaos – a small business strategy destined to failure.

Small business strategy tip # 4: How to make it pay

So how do you know when your marketing is working?

When it’s making money.

How do you know that?

By relentlessly and consistently tracking and measuring everything you do.

And this is where the difficulties stem from for small businesses in their marketing: their marketing isn’t measurable. They copy the big-business marketing and waste their money on useless “image” ads which don’t bring in any business.

So the trick is to devise your small business strategy so you can tell where every sale you make came from. In this way, you know what’s working and what’s not working.

Jon McCulloch is Ireland’s leading direct response marketer. Visit his website now and take just three of his 52 FREE small business marketing ideas he’s giving away today, and actually put them to work in your business and you’ll be amazed by the results.

They’ve all produced substantially better results for small businesses like yours in the past two years.

Siquijor port of entry (free to download)
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Image by FotoGrazio
One of two small ports on the tiny Philippines Island of Siquijor taken from an approaching ferry. Siquijor is an island province of the Philippines located in the Central Visayas region. Its capital is the municipality also named Siquijor. Filipinos believe Siquijor is an island of witchcraft and superstition.

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Getting Hitched With an Opportunity for Small Business

Do you want to make it big with small business opportunities?

Whether you are looking for new markets for your existing business or are just starting a business, the article will try to provide you with a list of business trends for the past two years. The list will guide you to possible emerging small business trends and opportunities that will help you make it big on the coming years.

Analyze it carefully before making a marketing plan:

1. 2003 Best Small Business Opportunities

Source: Small Business Information Guide

Most small business opportunities that continue to boom are: online gaming, contractor referral services, information professionals, and search engine optimization.

2. 2003 Best Small Business Opportunities

Source: Small Business Canada Guide

The list, according to the guide, includes senior care facilities, surveillance equipment, and private medical testing, among others.

3. 2004 Best Small Business Opportunities

Source: Small Business Information Guide

The year has opened up opportunities for businesses in organic food industry, data storage, hot rod accessories, and even pet care insurance.

4. Top Ten Business Starters That Are Under $ 20.00

Source: Entrepreneur Guide

Students, homemakers, employees, or anyone else looking for additional income can dwell on small business that would cost $ 20 or less. The list includes pet-sitters, house-sitters, tutoring, eBay seller, or even being an Avon Sales Representative.

5. 2004 Best Small Business Opportunities

Source: Small Business Canada Guide

The list for this year includes business opportunities from delivery services, mobility and yoga supplies and as professional organizers.

6. 2005 Best Small Opportunities

Source: Small Business Information Guide

There are plenty of small businesses that hit the market hard. These are smart clothes, business brokering, business coaching, garage organizer services, college admissions consulting, anti-aging spas, and medical transcription services.

7. 2005 Best Small Business Opportunities

Source: Entrepreneur Guide

The topnotch business ideas are (in random order): virtual assistant, eBay trading assistant, info-preneur, IT security and privacy consulting, home healthcare medical technician and/or nurse.

8. 2005 Best Small Business Opportunities

Source: Small Business Canada Guide

The list they have provided presents exciting small business ideas, which includes “practical tourism”, cat products, interior designers and/or decorators, land-use consultants, and anything related to chocolates.

9. Trends in Best Small Business

Source: Small Business Information Guide

Based on market awareness, potential profitability, and longevity, the following business ideas are sure-hits: the Internet, youth market, green power, and quality living.

10. Home-Based Best Small Business Opportunities

Source: Small Business Canada Guide

The top home-based business ideas include dietary consulting, catering services, cleaning services, and in-home beauty services.

After you have made up your mind regarding the small business that you wish to venture on, you have to keep in mind the following tips:

1. From long-term trends come big opportunities.

2. Be sure to monitor all expenses made.

3. Establish proper connections with people that will help your business venture.

4. Go for a business that you are very interested in.

5. Save your income. You might want to extend your business venture.

6. Take time to reflect on the strategies that have become useful in making a great improvement in your small business.

Keep in mind that it takes a lot of patience and imagination to keep even a small business. Whatever business comes your way you have to put your mind, soul, and heart into it. For in the long run, this small thing can make you a big time!

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How to Find Small Business Loans?

Getting small business loans has become rather difficult for business owners in the current time when the economy continues dropping and the criteria for qualifying for these loans has also been tightened by banks. However, for businesses in need of business finance in desperate times when funds are essentially needed, numerous problems have been caused for business owners because of this situation.

However, the appearance of other types of small business has caused other options to become available for business owners and fortunately even if business owners have a poor credit, they can still apply for these small business loans.

Micro loans are another name for small business loans and it is possible to obtain them as business financing for a new or an existing business. As suggested by the name itself, owners of small enterprises are ideal candidates for availing such small business loans or micro loans. There happens to a particular maximum limit of the amount that can be provided by these small business loans schemes. Small business owners can use the funds obtained as small business loans for starting up a new business or promoting their current established business.

Business owners have the options of investing into premises for their small business, or buying equipment, fixtures, furniture, machinery and other stuff related to the business from the business finance obtained from small business loans. Inventory flooring, business renovation, improving leasehold and construction are some of the other business related tasks that can be accomplished from the funds of a small business loan. For running a business enterprise, business owners can even use small business loans as working capital.

Non-profit organizations usually get funds from the SBA or the US Small Business Administration. The funds received by these lending institutions are then forwarded to qualifying candidates, i.e. the owners of small or budding businesses, in the form of small business loans. Unlike big loans, where mortgage has to be provided for availing them and usually 30 years is the average long term span, the term of small business loans also happens to be shorter.

5 to 6 years, depending on how discrete the local lenders are, is the usually loan term period for small business loans. Some kind of collateral essentially has to be placed when getting small business loans and business owners also have to present a personal guarantee to qualify as well. Certain business training and planning requirements also have to be complied to when small business loans need to be obtained and only the application for these business loans considered.

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Rio Dulce GCA – Morning Fog 03
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Image by Daniel Mennerich
Río Dulce ("Sweet River") is a river in Guatemala, completely contained within the department of Izabal. It is part of a lake and river system that has become a popular cruising sailboat destination.

The river begins at the point where it flows out of Lake Izabal. At the entrance to the river there is a small Spanish colonial fort, the Castillo de San Felipe de Lara, built to stop pirates entering the lake from the Caribbean when this part of Central America was an important shipping staging point.

Just after the river flows from Lake Izabal it is spanned by one of the biggest bridges in Central America. On one side of the bridge is the town of Fronteras, commonly referred to by the name Río Dulce, the local center of commerce for the area. Fronteras has a local vegetable market, attracting locals from the countryside who arrive in dugout canoes. Most of these boats are powered with Japanese outboard motors but many come to market day paddling these cayucos by hand. On the other side is the town of Rellenos.

From Fronteras the river flows east for a couple of miles. In this stretch there are several marinas and resorts. The river then flows into a long narrow lake called El Golfete. This lake has an island and a large natural anchorage. A few houses and a couple of small businesses line the shore. El Golfete is about 16 km long and a couple of miles wide.

From El Golfete the river meanders for 10 km in a spectacular gorge. The sides of the gorge rise up to 91 m on either side and are covered with teak, mahogany and palms. Wild flowers bloom throughout the foliage and howler monkeys and toucans can be seen. Waterfalls flow over the lip of the gorge after rainfall.

The river enters the Caribbean Sea near the Garifuna town of Livingston.